In simple terms, meditation is the ability to focus on one object for a period of time, before your mind begins to wander. When you meditate on the heart, you get a break from your thoughts and from the hustle and bustle around you. For a time, you will be completely present with yourself and your inner world. Through this method, we move from thinking to feeling, where the heart is our compass.

The Heartfulness practice can improve your capability in balancing  day-to-day emotions. Both your inner and outer conflicts are dealt with in a more mindful manner. You will be able to improve existing relationships and form new meaningful ones along the way.

The goal of Heartfulness is to optimize our perception and emotional relationship with reality, enabling us to stand stronger within ourselves. We have trainers across the United Arab Emirates, who are readily available to start you on your way, enabling you to place your best foot forward!

Life comes with its challenges. Whether it is physically, mentally or spiritually; the human experience comes with many twists and turns. The world we live in is a chaotic one. We constantly need to adapt to digital advancements, look after the increasing demands on our health, cater to our family, move with the ebbs and flows of our career, all while managing the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Now just pause. Breathe in and breathe out, for just a moment.

It is no surprise that people find difficulty in adapting to the constant changes in their environment. This may lead to disorders that originate from stress; decline in our workplace productivity and a lack of purpose.

With all this in mind, where do we find the personal capabilities to meet the physical, mental and emotional challenges surrounding us? How do we find time, tools and tranquillity for self-care?

The answer comes when we turn within. We sit still, relax and meditate.

Heartfulness is a simple and subtle practice of meditation that connects each of us with the joy and contentment in our hearts. With the help from a local trainer, you can begin your journey, developing your potential for a simple and joyful existence.



  • Increases your ability to concentrate
  •  Enables us to manage stress
  •  Improves your sleep quality
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Develops clarity of mind
  • Better quality of life

Heartfulness Meditation provides a scientific approach to spirituality. There is a great underlying philosophy in meditating on the heart.

First, it is the pumping station of our blood, purifying all parts of the body, including the smallest cells. When we take the heart as the centre of meditation, the blood that runs through us is affected so that the solidity in our thoughts and actions begins to melt away.

The heart is also the centre of our being and the field of action for the mind to work. It is the instrument by which we develop discrimination.

When we take the heart as the center for meditation, we are able to set the mind on the right path, by gradually changing its habits. Whatever you experience in meditation, first you prove it in your heart. Your heart is your laboratory.

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